Three steps to start investing in cryptocurrency, hassle free

We learn about you,

We will ask you several questions to understand your background, risk profile, and the goal you want to achieve.

To define a strategy,

Based on your personal situation we will propose an investment strategy that matches your goals.

so you can start investing.

Account set up and cryptocurrency portfolio allocation: your journey to financial freedom begins.
We have one mission: empower you to enable your passive income

16x ROI

Each of our portfolio strategies is designed to help you manage your risks and enhance your returns. Read more.

Unlimited advice and tips

Our team of experts is available to help you make the right decisions at the right time. Ask now.

Diversified portfolios

We firmly believe that diversifying asset allocation across various sub-classes is key to minimize risks and proactively anticipate market volatility. Learn how it works.

While maintaining 100% ownership of your money and account, we take care of the effort needed to set it up.

Less effort

Shorter time to value

We accelerate your learning & on-boarding process, and help you take your emotions out of investing.

More results

Transparent advice

Company or retailer, our trusted experts work in your best interest to get you maximum results.
Amazing how CoinMatic enables a crypto outside like myself to invest in crypto with zero prior knowledge. I was well informed and had my personal portfolio set up in no-time, and I remain up-to-date by means of frequent updates. In short: very reliable, so highly recommended!”

Yvonne W. (regular customer)

Social worker and mother, Aalten (NL)
No overkill in terms of emails and notifications. What they do send is so professional that it immediately inspires confidence and provides the right level of information to allow you to continuously make the right decisions. This gives me the assurance that my investment is well-managed while still being in full control.

Ronald L. (VIP customer)

Entrepreneur & VC/Real Estate investor, Arnhem (NL)
I heard about crypto as a good alternative to interest-free savings accounts and a slow stock market, but the negative media reports prevented me from taking action. A friend recommended CoinMatic, as they allow you to easily get set-up to start investing. I decided to sign up and from the first moment all my doubts were gone: I am convinced that we have a shared incentive to making my investment grow as much as possible.

Dennis W. (regular customer)

Project Manager, Tilburg (NL)
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