How to start investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

How to start investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Now it is hassle free and transparent. CoinMatic provides an online-only investment advisory service in Bitcoin and Altcoin for the European market, hence in Euro. This white paper aims to describe our approach. We will continuously update this document as our service offering evolves, in support of our commitment to provide full transparency around everything we do.

1. Our principles

All beginnings are hard. We help you with setting up, allocating, diversifying, and monitoring your portfolio, while you maintain 100% ownership of your money and account.

We also believe in the importance of a solid investment strategy from the start. CoinMatic will help you to define the right strategy based on factors like your preferred risk level and investment term. Our strategies are built around mid- to long-term investments (>6 months).

2. Deposit instructions

After you sign up, we will create your personal account on a trusted crypto exchange post which we will send you your account details together with clear deposit instructions. Once your EUR deposit has been received on your personal account, we will support you on the portfolio allocating based on your personal preferences as provided during sign-up.

3. Asset allocation

CoinMatic offers a portfolio within a single asset class: cryptocurrencies. Within this class, several subclasses can be identified, like technical, financial, organizational, personal, retail and entertainment. It is our strategy to diversify the asset allocation across various subclasses to minimize risks and proactively anticipate to market volatility.

CoinMatic deploys dynamic, proprietary algorithms to define and perform portfolio allocation, thereby taking into account personal user preferences. Users are informed that manual trades or transactions conducted by users on their CoinMatic monitored accounts may interfere with CoinMatic’s reporting functionality. If users want to perform trades on their own, it is recommended to use a separate crypto exchange account for this purpose which is not monitored by CoinMatic.

4. Portfolio Constructions

We believe that everyone deserves an individually defined portfolio. We also believe that everyone deserves access to the next financial digital market, cryptocurrencies. We offer our clients advice around creating a starter portfolio, built upon an initial capital.

5. Starter portfolio

Starter portfolios are very straightforward to set up for our customers. Clients simply make their first deposit to their personal account and then we properly allocate the deposit to various assets, based on personal preferences, currency market cap, and a balanced risk level.

The Starter Portfolios provides our customers the following benefits:

  • A hassle-free access to the crypto market

  • A straightforward portfolio allocation solution

In summary, CoinMatic customers don’t have to worry about things like selecting trustworthy exchanges, creating accounts, and defining portfolios in line with their preferred risk profile.

6. Portfolio constructions

At CoinMatic we believe that full transparency brings trust, loyalty, and long-term engagement. Say goodbye to hidden fees & lock-up periods; say hello to free monthly reporting.

Following extensive competitive analysis we came up with the most straightforward fee structure you can imagine:

Clients will receive an intelligent, affordable, and convenient way to start investing in cryptocurrency, for a one-off fee of only €9.99 (excl. VAT).

6.1 Reporting

We provide our clients with monthly account statements. These statements detail exactly what cryptocurrencies are held, the quantity and valuation of each holding, as well as a summary of previous months’ movements.

7. Portfolio withdrawal and subscription ending

We recognize that sometimes the unexpected happens and a client may want to liquidate a portfolio before finishing their initially planned investment time horizon. At CoinMatic, customers remain full ownership and control of their investment and account, and hence can choose to withdraw their funds at any point in time, and/or decide to unsubscribe from CoinMatic.

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