Your journey to generating passive income


Few questions to get to know you, the current stage of your investment life, and what you would like to achieve.

invest in Bitcoin


While maintaining 100% ownership of your money and account, we take care of the effort needed to set it up.


We hand over your account credentials and then you can make your first deposit.

how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio
Sample portfolio


Personalized and diversified cryptocurrency portfolio definition and allocation.

Hassle Free

No learning curve, extensive research, or administration. We take care of all the effort needed. We take care of you.

Tailored to you

We are committed to build the right strategy for you, based on your personal situation, background, and goals.

Transparent Investment

You have full ownership and control of your investment and your account. No lock up, no hidden fees. Limitless potential.

One price for everyone

€ 9.99

One-off fee, excl. VAT

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